Rüdesheim am Rhein

Brömserhof - MusikkabinettA major attraction for English and German Romantics ever since the beginning of the nineteenth century, Rüdesheim today, measured by its population of around 10,000, one of the places with the most visitors in Germany. Historic buildings like the Klunkhardshof half-timbered house, the fortified Eagle’s Tower, the millennium-old Brömserburg Casgtle, Boosenburg Castle and the ruined castle of Ehrenfels are balm to eyes and soul alike.

If you’re looking for tranquillity, this is where you’ll find it: in den extensive woods of the “Rhine-Taunus” Nature Park and the Niederwald Park, in small, narrow, out-of the-way alleys, or in the spacious vistas of the vineyards. From the vantage points of the Niederwald Forest, you can enjoy spectacular views of the narrow Rhine valley,

the mouth of the River Nahe, and the spacious vine-clad landscape of the Rheingau. The destinations for ramblers, Nordic Walkers and cyclists lie spread out before you. Source: Rüdesheim Tourist AG

Talking of wine: savour the world-famous Rüdesheimer Riesling in the Drosselgasse Alley with music and dancing or in the numerous wine taverns, and vintner’s inns.

Since June 2002, Rüdesheim am Rhein and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley have been part of UNESCO’s protected World Cultural Heritage protected World Cultural Heritage, a fitting accolade for the Upper Middle Rhine Valley as a partially manmade landscape of huge diversity and natural beauty.


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